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This site is only an interface, a search engine that indexes links free public circulating on the internet.
This site contains links to websites of third parties, Soccer Live Links provides these links as is without any warranty. We do not provide streaming content.
This site is designed only for personal computers to allow users to easily find media that circulate freely on the Internet and are accessible wherever the Internet (links that actually found on countless websites on the Internet)
Soccer Live Links has no control over, is not responsible for, and makes no representation or warranty and accepts no responsibility for the content provided by channel links indexed.

www.SoccerLiveLinks.com is a site just indexes other sites contents. Administrators are not responsible for material published on the site is not hosted any files that infringe copyrights or copyright law.

On this website (www.SoccerLiveLinks.com) you will find video materials or different.

These files are stored elsewhere on the internet and are NOT part of this site!

www.SoccerLiveLinks.com has no responsibility for these files, it only collects video materials and indexes other sites contents.

www.SoccerLiveLinks.com DMCA law-abiding.

If the site property for which you are the copyright, please contact webmaster and specify the exact location of the material and it will be deleted within 48 hours!

The information required in the application:

Name and the exact URL (your material copyrighted)
Contact information, so that we can contact you (address, phone and e-mail).
Clear evidence that you own the copyright for the content or proof that you are a representative of the person / company owning the matrial.

For such an application, please send a message to the contact page of Site www.SoccerLiveLinks.com

We suggest that if you really want to permanently remove your copyrighted material on the internet, you should contact the administrator of the exact URL where your copyrighted material is hosted.

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